DMS/Lancers is in the business of youth soccer education and training, focused on player development in a world-class environment.  The core principles of DMS/Lancers are Desire, Determination, Dedication, Respect and Integrity.  The environment provides each player a venue to become their very best on and off the field.


DMS was established in 2005 by Rochester Rhinos Hall of Famer Doug Miller.  In 2009 DMS purchased the Rochester Sports Dome in Spencerport, NY to establish a soccer facility that would be the only one of its kind to offer year-round training and development programs for youth soccer players.  In 2017 DMS re-branded the club to  become Rochester Lancers Academy giving a pathway from youth to College, NPSL, UWS and MASL.

What Does Lancers Offer Above and Beyond any other Soccer Club in Rochester?

  • Lancers offers one-of-a-kind, State of the art Air Structure with a full size soccer field inside
  • 2 outside playing fields and 1 outdoor training field
  • Lancers retains licensed coaches with a background in playing professional soccer and/or coaching soccer at premier and       college-level  
  • Lancers teaches important life skills and instills values that lead to a life-long love for soccer and continuous learning.
  • Lancers offers year-round opportunities to play soccer
  • Lancers offers a pathway from youth to college, NPSL, UWS, UPSL and MASL