Goal Keeper Small Group Training


Goal Keeper Training

The demand of today's modern goal keeper requires them to be the teams last line of dense and first attacker.  More than ever the game requires the keeper to be a complete player.  To be successful keeper we teach the technical skills needed to make the right decision and the tactical knowledge to read the game and react under pressure.  Our keeper staff have played the game at a high level, coached it for years, and have the teaching skills to help each keeper, no matter there age or skill level grow their game to the next level.  We offer both small group and one on one training, each session is designed to the challenge keepers psychically and mentally in a safe and fun soccer environment.


Topics covered include ball line, angles, foot work, forward sliding save, breakaway save, point blank shot stopping, flighted balls in the box, set plays, and the back pass.  Individual and small group training ensure your son or daughter will develop between the posts as a complete player.